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I need to find one person. And found very quickly.

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A few weeks ago I began to call the apartment telephone, pick up the phone - silence. Please do not pay attention, and then became afraid. She told…

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The situation is somewhat silly, I guess. But for several months, it seemed to me that I was being watched. Yes, in general, and had some reason to…

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Let us find out the location of the person on the phone

The mobile phone has already become quite commonplace, which is almost every purse and every pocket. But this device not only allows at any time to contact his owner, and he pretty much can "tell" about its owner.

We can help you keep an eye on the man on the phone

The people who are responsible for its disabled and elderly relatives, many more than we can imagine with you.

To detect the location of phone

You can not get through to your child to see how he was doing and where he is in principle? This sense of panic in these situations familiar to almost all parents either.

Private detective in Ukrainian


Photo: For the "half" keep an eye


Legitimate activities of the detectives on the Ukrainian land

Can we consider permissible that is not forbidden? Rather, today's deputies of Ukraine decided that it is impossible, given their proposal to establish a law on the activities of private investigation in our country, which is currently still missing. Many detective agencies is working as media, but are often an activity that is very far from banal information inquiries. It is possible that new changes in the legislation of the country will bring some clarity to the process.

For detectives set boundaries

Of course, it is not necessary to argue that detectives are really completely out of the law, conduct clandestine activities. It would sound as if they are criminals, which is extremely unfair to those who do their own actions bring major benefits to society. Just as long as there is currently no law that would regulate these actions and brought them into line with the specific requirements of the general Ukrainian foundations. But this does not mean that they are banned. If we look at the situation more closely, just there are certain services that are still banned. For example, it is impossible for detectives videotaped and implement wiretap premises.

But since April 12, the issue is being more operational solutions, thanks to introducing the bill to parliament. That is the law "On private detective activity" and called to legalize the work of detectives. It also opens them some opportunities that enable video footage and make record. That's when they still will not be able to do the collection of information about people's personal lives, including their political beliefs.

Of course, it would be extremely foolish to believe that themselves detectives eagerly expect when such a law is passed, because in this case they will be under special control of the MUP that any breach will be able to bring them to significant liability. So now, every action and every detective services rendered by them, will have to be seriously weighed and analyzed. However, according to the author of the bill, Mr Moysk, given the experience of other countries that legalized the activities of private investigation, he carefully studied, it will establish close cooperation between the detectives and representatives of state structures. In other countries, law enforcement officers have become more responsible in their work and were able to delegate many tasks to colleagues who do not have time to perform. Accordingly, the advantages of such a project is much more than the apparent disadvantages. In any case, all the results will show only time.

What most customers want?

Whatever was the case with the law and with all the other aspects of the work of private investigation, but detectives lack of customers do not experience. And this despite the fact that the quantity of the Agency today reaches about two thousand. Of course, this information is not official in connection with the fact that one did not count them accurately and specifically led showgirl. If we talk about who is most often uses the services of detectives, here we are talking more about private individuals who want to find people. Of course, the search for missing persons and they can go to the police. But search for old friends, abandoned wives, former lovers, well-known personalities and many others are willing to just private detectives.

Another issue that is no less acute for agency staff - this is not true of their second halves. But here, the detectives are ready to make every effort to find out information about the change to your favorite person. But it may take time, but sometimes can not perform such an order and in a few hours. Therefore it is necessary to be patient and just expect to have the finished result.

But you also need to understand that the services of a detective agency - it is fun is not cheap. Although, of course, when it comes to finding a loved one, the value of 250 - 500 does not matter, as well as revealing the betrayal of her husband, or wife, for which you can pay about $ 350 a day.

No less active at this time and show business representatives, who are interested in making the most to protect themselves from a wide variety of risks that could come to pass in their affairs. After all, no one is immune to the fact that the new employee will not a crook, or a spy. To solve these problems quickly enough times helps a lie detector, the cost of which is 1500 hryvnia. But as in this scenario will not be superfluous to inspect your office for finding him a variety of bugs and hidden cameras. In this case the price of the issue depends on the area at the rate of $ 10 per 1 square meter.

Private detectives in action

The activity of private detectives is quite specific and sometimes very unpredictable. And that they have to face a variety of situations in your practice, then trying to understand what actions need to be taken in a second, so the problem was solved. One thing, when I have time to think, to develop special strategic plan. But what to do when the plan is there, but it is at odds, especially if the client has approved this same plan to reinvent the wheel and begins to tear down the most ideal legends? It is this happened to one of their employees detective agency "Conrad", when he was embedded in one of the specialist companies.

The main task of the detectives was to gain the confidence of the team and find out which of employees engaged in commercial espionage and commit other illegal acts. It was approved and coordinated with the head. But this leader, the customer first job in the "working" day had all the staff and told them not only that among them a new employee, but that now the company is working closely with the detective agency, which also help to identify criminals . It is difficult to convey the feeling detective.

Funny things happen for themselves and clients. One man began to doubt my wife, I could not expect that it will have not just a second job, not just a lover on the side, and his own business, which she somehow anyone and did not want to tell. And it happens that someone gets bored sitting at home, and he decides to run from the detectives, they pre-ordered surveillance of himself. Naturally, the detectives do not know the rules of the game initially, but have sufficient experience in time to reveal a prankster.

The material was prepared with the assistance of a detective agency "Conrad" (http://www.dobrobut.biz.ua)

What happens in other countries detectives?

Quite optimistic things from colleagues from countries where the law is already in force for a long time. One need only look at Russia, where the law was passed more than twenty years ago. And in the first couple of years of its operation in the country it was created not less than six thousand security firms and detective agencies. But in Israel, for example on the population of five million people there are two thousand detectives.

Author Anna Goncharenko material
If you use an article from the newspaper "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine."